Welcome to Foxwood Farm rental houses.

Foxwood Farm single family rentals of 1-3 bdrm homes Chapel Hill, NC


We are located off Dairyland Road and Marion's Ford Road in southern Orange Co, Chapel Hill, NC. 27516

Foxwood Farm offers rental houses of one, two and three bedrooms overlooking central fields, meadow, woods and a pond.  

If you are a nature lover, this may be the place for you.  Bird, cricket and frog sounds fill the air and become background music, but at night, when the owls and the coyotes make themselves known, they always get our full attention.  The night sky is ,  walking and biking routes are right outside your door. It is peaceful here and easy to have all the privacy you may want but there are neighbors around too, and that is a nice feeling.  This is our home too and we enjoy sharing our land and views with our renters.  

Our purpose is to provide easy living, high quality rental homes to people who appreciate living "out" a little bit, while still being only twelve minutes to shopping, great restaurants, the Farmer's Market and all downtown Carrboro has to offer.

The pond at Foxwood Farm

The pond at Foxwood Farm

Whether on the porch or at a table, the sunset views and the ice cream are spectacular!

Whether on the porch or at a table, the sunset views and the ice cream are spectacular!

Locally famous , the Maple View Farm ice cream barn is one mile west of us.  A few years ago, the owners of Maple View Farm & Dairy attended the University of Pennsylvania's Ice Cream program (the same program that launched Ben & Jerry 's) and then opened the wonderful ice cream barn up the road, next to their 400 acre farm and agricultural center.  (They also sell delicious milk and other farm made products)


The old Keith Arboretum homestead.

The old Keith Arboretum homestead.

The Keith Arboretum, a short walk from your new home at Foxwood Farm, "contains over 4,000  labeled species of trees and comprises 25 acres within the context of 82 acres of conserved land."  This property has recently changed hands. The new owners work with land conservancies and it will be interesting to see what new life they bring to the area.

Layton Wheeler, a longtime, local builder, built a few homes as well as some guest homes at Foxwood Farm to be used as rental homes and we have been renting out the homes as they were built, starting in 1997. Many tenants stay here for years and years and, although a primarily private bunch,  we do have a sense of community here.  Over all the years, Foxwood Farm occupants have been supportive, non-interfering neighbors to one another.  

Please visit the other pages to see pictures of each rental home.  

Enjoy looking at our pictures and feel free to contact me anytime.  

MaryWheeler46@gmail.com  &  mobile 919- 608- 2001

UPDATE 6/7/2016  - We have made changes to the central pasture.  All the fences have been taken down and a local farmer has planted hay.  



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